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After I invested in a brand new car, I didn't want it to end up like my older ride. I thought carefully about what I would need to do in order to keep it in top-notch condition, and I finally decided that it would be smart to get some advice from a professional auto detailer. They taught me a few tips and tricks to improving the cleanliness of my vehicle, and it was really helpful. This blog is all about taking better care of your car and knowing what to do to avoid common problems. Read these articles to find out more.

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Services To Expect From A Modern Car Wash

Keeping your car looking clean and pristine is important, but it can be time-consuming and difficult. Fortunately, modern car wash establishments offer various services that can make the process of keeping your car clean much easier.

Take a look at some of the primary services you can expect from a modern car wash service. 

Exterior Washes

An exterior body wash is the most basic service you can expect from a car washing facility. This service typically includes washing the exterior of your vehicle with water, soap, and special brushes, as well as drying it off with a cloth or chamois leather. While this might sound like a relatively simple task, it's a pretty delicate process that requires attention to detail.

Most people who DIY this task tend to leave glass windows streaky and paintwork smudged. A professional car wash can do a far better job, making sure your vehicle is sparkling clean from top to bottom.

And depending on the type of establishment you visit, they may also offer additional services such as waxing and polishing your vehicle's paint job. Waxing involves applying a protective coat of wax to your car's paintwork, which helps make it shine and protects it from dirt, dust, and other debris.

Interior Cleaning Services

In addition to exterior washes, car wash establishments also offer interior cleaning services. These services typically include vacuuming and shampooing the carpets and upholstery in your vehicle. The special vacuums used to clean cars have powerful suction, removing everything from dirt and dust to pet hair.

Shampooing is also an important part of interior cleaning, as it helps remove spots and stains as well as eliminate unpleasant odors. Professionals don't even need to use any harsh chemicals for this part since they have special eco-friendly car shampoo and cleaning products.

You may also have certain areas, such as cup holders or door panels, wiped down with special cleaners designed to remove dirt and grime without damaging the surfaces they are applied to.

Specialty Services

Some established even offer specialty treatments for specific areas of your vehicle, such as leather interiors or fabric upholstery.

Leather treatment typically involves conditioning the leather so that it remains soft and supple while resisting further damage from UV radiation or wear and tear due to regular use. The treatment usually begins with a thorough cleaning of the leather, followed by the application of a special conditioner.

Fabric upholstery may require more intricate cleaning and protection. This includes using a special fabric-cleaning solution designed to remove dirt, debris, stains, spills, and other damage caused by frequent use or exposure to liquids or other substances. 

Contact an auto washing service to learn more.